Restaurants require credit card processing solutions that address their unique needs. Cashnet Solutions offers point-of-sale (POS) payment card processing for restaurants that capitalizes on all the benefits of credit and debit card acceptance plus delivers industry-specific features. We offer everything you need for restaurant credit card processing in one solution.

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Stand Alone Terminals

At Cashnet, you can choose standalone restaurant POS systems with features such as high-definition touchscreen displays, high-speed printers, and card readers. Wi-Fi and other communication technologies make transactions quick and simple for the customer, employee, and business owner. We can help find a POS system suited for your restaurant depending on your specific needs.

PAX s80 counter top POS terminal


Ethernet- Phone Line

PAX’s S80 is an advanced counter top POS terminal that combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure fast, reliable transactions. EMV, Magstripe and Contactless / NFC. Ethernet/Phone. Printer.

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payment terminal



The most cost-effective in the A-series is versatile enough to work as a counter top terminal or an indoor portable device. 4-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen. FastThermal Printer.

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PAX A920

PAX A920

WiFi-4G-Pay at the table

The A920 comes with a large high definition tablet color display and a super-fast thermal printer that is neatly hidden below so as to maximize screen usage for customer-facing transactions. Android Operating System. 4G/3G/WiFi/Bluetooth.

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person swiping card through payment terminal


WiFi-4G- Pay at the table

Clover Flex is ready – whether you need to take chip and PIN or contactless payments (like Apple Pay®) at the counter, busting the line, pay at the table, or just about anywhere else.

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POS System Solutions

Our state-of-the-art POS systems include high-speed portable devices and an all-in-one POS hardware solution—the Clover Station. It functions as a cash register, order management system, time clock, and reporting system,online ordering, plus it tracks transactions and manages rewards. A POS system streamlines your entire business process, reduces wait times, and supports multiple payment options.
Ultimately, these benefits help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which, of course, require more than serving a delicious meal.

Clover Station


Clover station

Clover Station is an all-in-one system with custom hardware designed specifically for POS. The software grows with you and makes your inventory, payroll, and business easier to maintain. Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner.

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Local Server


Specifically designed for any food or drink establishment such as a restaurant, bar, bakery or coffee shop. Based on Windows Operating System so it is easy and streamlined to adopt!

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We are here to answer your questions and assist in choosing the right restaurant POS system for you, and our operators speak English, Armenian, and Farsi. Contact us today!