Cashnet Solutions’ retail credit card processing and other payment solutions can lighten your load, so there’s more time to focus on the parts of your business you enjoy most. Access to a credit card processor allows your business to be more flexible and focus on your customers’ needs. We offer retail point of sale (POS) solutions that let you achieve these goals. An advanced POS solution can help any business owner process credit and debit card, E-check, gift card, and other forms of acceptable payment.

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Stand Alone Terminals

PAX s80 counter top POS terminal


Ethernet- Phone Line

PAX’s S80 is an advanced counter top POS terminal that combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure fast, reliable transactions. EMV, Magstripe and Contactless / NFC. Ethernet/Phone. Printer.

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payment terminal


Ethernet- Phone Line

The most cost-effective in the A-series is versatile enough to work as a counter top terminal or an indoor portable device. 4-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen. FastThermal Printer.

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PAX A920



The A920 comes with a large high definition tablet color display and a super-fast thermal printer that is neatly hidden below so as to maximize screen usage for customer-facing transactions.

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payment processing terminal


WiFi-4G- Ethernet

Your business deserves modern technology. The Poynt Smart Terminal is an all-in-one smart device you’ll actually want to have on your counter. Two HD touchscreen displays. WiFi/4G/Ethernet. Built-in printer. EMV included.

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POS System Solutions

Clover Station


Clover station

The Clover Station is an all-in-one system with custom hardware designed specifically for your business. The software grows with you and makes your inventory, payroll, and business easier to maintain. Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner.

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PC America

Local Server

payment processing terminal

PC America streamlines retail operations providing powerful tools to increase sales, and elevate your business. PC America is local server based and works on the Windows Operating System making it easy to adopt.

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Why Use a POS System Over a Cash Register?

Cash registers have been a staple at retail establishments since the late 19th century. Today’s POS systems offer so much more, including:
Digital Technology: Touchscreen navigation eases access to all features and helps improve productivity and speed of service.
Flexible Payment Options: Support the use of debit and credit cards, including EMV chip cards; contactless payments are supported, as are Android Pay, Apple Pay, and other mobile wallets.
Inventory Management: POS provides real-time inventory, tracks product quantities as sales are completed, and triggers alerts when it’s time to re-order.
More Detailed Receipts: Incorporate product details, prices, dates, and sale/coupon savings on a receipt, which can also list your return policy and/or social media pages.
Improved Reporting/Accounting: Some systems provide real-time sales, profit, and expense reports, accessible via the cloud, and track trends as well as manage, import, or print accounting data.
We offer several stand-alone terminals with a wide range of functions, as well as an advanced all-in-one solution. View our retail POS systems below or reach out to our team for assistance from a knowledgeable specialist who speaks English, Armenian, and Farsi to best meet your needs.